About us

KENT & LONDON launched in 2009 in Whitstable, as designer Luke Ellis took to crafting well-made custom furniture using English hardwood and oak from nearby woodland. In our original store, a former boatshed on Whitstable beach, Luke involved customers in every part of the furniture making process; the entire process of buying well-made furniture became transparent and open; rather than a functional business transaction.

More customers began travelling down from London to buy their KENT & LONDON pieces. Such was the success that we've moved making to a bigger workshop, but our Whitstable shop remains. 

As we looked for a London base to satisfy demand from the capital, Shoreditch seemed a natural home. In 2016, the KENT & LONDON Shoreditch showroom opened. A large and open space that is now home to beautiful custom furniture and kitchens, the Hackney Road showroom is now becoming a destination for Londoners keen to make the most of their homes and enjoy well-made items that fit with urban life.