Our Colours

At KENT AND LONDON we have designed a beautiful range of 28 colours that we lovingly use on all our furniture, kitchens and designs.
If for any reason our colours don't quite work with your scheme please don't hesitate to get in touch - we can pretty much colour match anything! 



None More Black (No.1)
Mettle (No.2)
Capital (No.3)
Petrichor (No.4)
Weathered (No.5)
Ballast (No.6)
Sea Street (No.7)
Shoal (No.8)
Rigging (No.9)
Groyne (No.10)
Maunsell (No.11)
Louche (No.12)
Shucked (No.13)
Bubble (No.14)
Knotted (No.15)
Hustle (No.16)
Bustle (No.17)
Punnet (No.18)
Scuffle (No.19)
Pie House Liquor (No.20)
Ample Yellow No.21
Ample Yellow No. 21
Stairwell (No.22)
Humbug (No.23)
Spilt Milk (No.24)
Joni Blue (No. 25) 
 Weald (No. 26)
Yellow Brick (No. 27)
Sundowner (No. 28)